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[Customized mattress manufacturers] Can children use latex mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-23
Some parents think that giving their children a hard bed is good for their health, and parents think that it is better to give their children a soft mattress; but in fact, hard mattresses are too hard to cater to the human body curve. When lying down, the abdomen will hang in the air, so that the surrounding muscles of the whole body will stretch, which may cause back pain after waking up; and the soft mattress is too soft to allow the body to bear the strength, causing the body to bend; therefore, customize the mattress The manufacturer combines the advantages of the two and is more suitable for people of every age. As children are in the process of growth and development, they should pay more attention to the maintenance of their bodies and their sleeping positions. Mattresses that are too soft or too hard will cause deformation of the child’s spinal inclination, while natural latex mattresses are moderately hard and soft, and have a certain degree of support and air permeability, which can convert the soft strength according to the curve of the human body. Make the human body's spine growth curve obtain a very good development trend. In addition to paying attention to the choice of mattress, children should also pay attention to their sleeping posture. Lying flat is actually a better sleeping position for children, which can prevent children from nausea, vomiting, and bronchial obstruction; lying prone will make the child’s body organs obstructed, and the gas will not circulate in commodities and it is very easy to inhale germs on the sheets. Therefore, children should not choose the prone sleeping position when sleeping at night. Although lying flat is a relatively good sleeping position, it should be adjusted appropriately according to the child's habit.
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