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Comparison of traditional spring mattress and high-quality memory foam mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-20
Traditional spring mattresses consist of a series of connected springs, with wire rods with edges that provide additional support. Since the spring is connected, the system can provide excellent support throughout the sleeping area. They provide value-for-money services and provide comfort levels ranging from orthopedic to softer levels. Most of the support comes from metal coils that pass through the width of the mattress. A high-quality memory foam mattress distributes your weight evenly, just like having billions of small springs supporting you. The pressure point is significantly reduced, up to 80%, only memory foam can provide. Tossing and turning is the main cause of poor sleep. Using a memory foam mattress can greatly reduce sleep. Pressure is measured in mmHg. In the healthcare industry, 32mmHg or lower is considered a pressure relief surface, and the speed of a memory foam mattress is about 15mmHg. The speed of a spring mattress can exceed 32mmHg, which is considered the upper limit of the decompression surface. On a spring mattress means that you have no pressure to release, because the spring pushes your body so numbly.
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