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Common sense about the use of mattresses is worth reading

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-31
If there is a problem with the back, then the bedding is very important. Because we spend a long time in bed, if we can’t use it correctly, there will be some problems, which will be bad for the body. Through understanding some common sense Still helpful. Common sense of using mattresses: 1. If hard mattresses and other mattresses cannot be replaced regularly, the elasticity of the springs will disappear, and it is easy to cause the connected parts to lose their support and bearing capacity. Long-term use can cause harm to the body. 2. Mattress is an important tool for people to rest, which is not less than people's working hours. Since everyone chooses a job that they like and like when choosing a job, how can they be perfunctory when choosing a mattress? . 3. Common sense of mattress use: in the process of use, it should be turned over regularly. Don't always sit on the edge when sitting on the bed. The reason is that these corners are fragile. Often sitting in these places may cause the spring inside to break. 4. If there are children in the house, don't let them jump on it. This may cause the mattress to receive too much force at a certain point and destroy the support ability of the mattress. Many mattresses have handles on the side, which can only be used to move the mattress, and it cannot bear too much weight. Related knowledge: When people choose a mattress, what are the misunderstandings that people often have when they know how to use the mattress, then your sleep can be effectively guaranteed, and you will no longer be troubled by some problems. Another point For people with waist problems, it is usually recommended to buy a hard mattress. This is because people with waist problems usually find it firm and flat. If you are updating an old or worn-out mattress, this advice may be correct.
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