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Coir mattresses of different crafts, do you know custom-made coconut palm mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-22
Coir mattresses are the most common types in the mattress industry. For many people, coconut palm mattresses are the most meaningful choice of mattresses. If they are processed well, the environmental protection level of coconut palm mattresses is also very good. Yes, but because of the frequent occurrence of domestic mattress incidents, many consumers have questions. Is it okay to customize coconut palm mattresses? The following editor will introduce to you. Classification of coconut palm mattresses of different processes Coir mattresses, as the name suggests, are mattresses made of coconut outer fibers as raw materials. The material of coconut palm mattresses is made of palm fibers that we often see. The texture is a bit harder, or it can be said to be hard but soft. Natural coconut palm mattresses are mostly made of natural rubber bonding, which has extremely high resilience, which can be the body's spine in a long-term balance during sleep. However, the craftsmanship of the coconut palm mattress is different, so the mattresses made are also different. The production process of coconut palm mattress    1. Semi-soft palm mattress, the color is reddish, the workmanship is rough and heavy, and it is glued together. It looks better than a straw mattress, but in fact it is not as good as a straw mattress.  2. Straw mat: It is wrapped with coconut palm and filled with straw. The chemical composition is less, but the comfort of the raw materials is not much to say... It is the same as semi-soft and cheap. Introduction of semi-soft palm mat and straw mat 3. In recent years, the popular 3E coconut palm is also called 3E coconut dream. The raw material is coconut shreds extracted from the coconut shell, which is lighter by adding 4080 albino fiber and hot melt bonding at 230 degrees. , Almost no formaldehyde, but 4080 albino fiber is a chemical product after all, and there is still a gap between the high-elastic soft brown mattress made of natural latex. Let’s talk about the high-elastic soft brown. The material introduction of 3E coconut palm is high elasticity, as the name implies, high elasticity and high density. The raw material is the same coconut silk but different from 3E coconut silk is made by decomposition of brown rope. The brown silk itself is not soft and has a certain degree of hardness, but it is processed into brown rope. The elasticity resistance is greatly enhanced. The 3E brown adhesive is 4080 chemical fiber, so what is the high elasticity soft brown adhesive? Natural latex. The natural latex itself is not sufficiently viscous to bond the brown mat, but the seamless bonding of the wireless knitting technology makes the high-stretch brown extremely strong and softer than 3E Coconut Dream, and can be bent. The material of high elastic soft brown is introduced because of the different processes. Most of the mattresses adopt a three-dimensional network structure. This mattress is especially suitable for young people with long bodies and children and students. This can help them to complete the growth and development of their bones. Avoid hunchbacks and rickets. The three-dimensional network structure is very suitable for teenagers and children. The natural coconut palm fragrance, so it can also have the effect of relaxing and sleeping. If students are under a lot of reading pressure, this kind of mattress is more suitable. Therefore, the coconut palm mattress is more suitable for the young people. The coconut palm mattress also has the disadvantage that it is easy to collapse and deform, and its supporting performance is not good. Secondly, the coconut palm mattress is also troublesome in terms of maintenance, because it is prone to insects, mold and other problems. The shortcomings of coconut palm mattresses The above is the introduction of the editor’s introduction to you about custom-made coconut palm mattresses. Coconut palm mattresses are not bad, but because of the reputation of many businesses nowadays, it is impossible to predict , So many consumers still need to choose a good mattress brand when customizing.
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