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Choose a suitable mattress protector. Is it necessary to use a mattress protector?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-06

   Most people don’t choose a mattress protector, or they don’t think it is necessary, just choose a comfortable and durable mattress. So is this really the case?

   Is it necessary to choose a mattress protector? Let's discuss it together. One-third of our lives are spent in bed, so a comfortable sleeping environment is very important. Facts have proved that people are paying more and more attention to these household items. Then, when we buy a bed After the cushion is used to protect the hygiene of the mattress? Or what kind of health problems the hygiene of the mattress will cause to the human body, we use this question to see whether the mattress protector is needed or not. A study shows that: 53.07% of people have never cleaned their mattresses, 11.54% of them cleaned them once a year, and 25% of people have no idea about the mattresses to clean or how to clean them. But we have to metabolize every day, even if we take a bath every night, there will be some unclean things on our body, and the human skin naturally ages and our metabolism will shed 1.5 million pieces of dander every hour. We sleep in bed every night. The residue remains on the bed day after day, year after year, and most of it accumulates in the mattress, so the mattress becomes the most parasitic place of mites and bacteria. Related reading: How about latex mattresses

   Although the mites are invisible and intangible, we have heard of them more or less. The mites are the largest in the 20th century. Allergen catalysts are also the culprits of diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, eczema, and chronic urticaria. Therefore, if the mattress is not cleaned, it will be very dirty and affect our health. But the mattress is more troublesome to clean. At this time, the mattress protector is very necessary. With the protective cover, there is a protective cover directly on the human body and the mattress, which can effectively remove the dirt on the human body. It is left on the protective cover, and the protective cover is easy to disassemble, and it can be removed and washed regularly. To a certain extent, it will be much cleaner. This is why so many people choose mattress protectors because they are really clean and hygienic. Mousse has been committed to high-quality sleep since 2004. The quality of their branded household products is very good. They also discovered the problem of mattresses that are not easy to clean at a very early stage, so when they sell mattresses, they are equipped with The mattress protector is fully considered for customers.

   So the editor thinks that the mattress protector is a necessary household item in a family. The same protector can protect the mattress and reduce our mattress. The wear and tear can effectively extend the service life of our mattresses. The key is to be clean and healthy.

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