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Are you ready to buy a mattress? Have these points been taken into consideration?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-27
Many consumers feel distressed when buying mattresses. It is difficult to distinguish true and false mattresses on the market. If you are not a professional, it is difficult to distinguish. Today I will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing a mattress? First of all, some people choose specialty stores to buy mattresses online or on the roadside for price, but there is no quality guarantee for this kind of mattress, and the material may be made by a 'dirty' manufacturer. So when buying a mattress, go to the mattress store as much as possible, where there are dedicated sales staff to answer your questions, and you can also experience the comfort of the mattress. Second, look at the appearance and smell first to see whether the appearance of the mattress is beautiful and tidy and damaged, and then smell it to see if it emits a peculiar smell or smells you don't like. Here is a special reminder, if you don't like the smell of this mattress, don't consider this mattress, or buying it will affect your sleep. Third, after experiencing the first two steps in person, the next step is to lie down and test the comfort of the mattress. Lie down where you like, roll over, and feel whether the mattress is soft or hard to meet your wishes. Then lie down and feel whether your waist and back can be close to the mattress, so that the mattress can fully support you. If the lower back is bent, the mattress is too soft and lacks support and support, which will make the sleeper's back sore after waking up. Fourth, press the mattress with your hand, press the mattress with your hand after getting up, press it down and get up again. When the mattress rises, listen for a creak. If this kind of sound occurs, it means that the mattress has rusted or is made of low-quality spring materials. 5. Mattress size When choosing a mattress, increase the height of the individual by 20 cm as the best size, leaving room for head, hands, and feet. 6. Understand the mattress material and after-sales situation. In this step, you have to ask the sales consultant about the mattress material, price, after-sales situation, how many years of maintenance service can be provided, and how to clean and maintain the mattress. All these must be understood clearly! Generally speaking, the choice of mattress is an important thing. After all, it will always accompany us in the long life in the future. I hope everyone can pay attention to it and find the companion who is worthy of trust.
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