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A mattress is a big investment. Follow these steps to find one that’s perfect for you.

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-19
The only thing more exhausting than sleeping on a bad mattress is buying a new one.
First of all, you have to be under pressure from the mattress sales staff
Almost as much pressure as buying a car.
Then, you can\'t really compare the options between stores because the manufacturer makes the proprietary mattress model for each store.
Finally, there are also frustrating warranties that do not include most of what is wrong with the mattress.
Mattress shopping will never be a fantastic shopping, but you can make it easier to shop.
As a reporter, when I tried to write the story, I went back to the \"Five W and one H\" taught by the School of Journalism: Who, What, Where, When, why and How
It turns out that those same signposts can help me write this mattress.
Shopping supplies-
Choose a mattress for you.
Who: you, if you wake up stiff or sore.
This is a good sign that you need a new mattress.
If you find that after a night at the hotel you always sleep better and feel more spiritual, that\'s another sign.
Experts say the mattress will wear out about every 10 years.
Of course, this may vary depending on the quality of the mattress.
It can also vary depending on the quality of your body!
Some experts suggest that people over the age of 40 change mattresses every five to seven years because we need better support and are more vulnerable to joint pressure.
Where: Many people default to chain mattress stores or department stores that tend to have the most mainstream mattress brands
Most of them seem to start with S.
But there are other options now, including online mattress stores and manufacturers, high
There are also local mattress shops.
Mattress recommendation website mattress underground is recommended to buy from the local mattress manufacturer, which is another effective option.
I suggest shopping with three types of sellers to educate myself
It may be a chain or department store, an online store and another.
The consumer report shows that you lie on each mattress for at least 15 minutes because the testers find that after 15 minutes, the mattress they like is the one they like after a month.
Once you shop around, buy from the store and have a generous return policy.
In this way, if you are still unhappy after completing all the steps here, you have a way out.
Many mattress chains, department stores and warehouse stores now allow mattress returns.
Most online mattress sellers do this because they realize there is no way you can test their mattress before you buy it.
Write down the time frame required for any store and ask for the purchase cost and who is responsible for the effort and cost to bring the mattress back to the store.
Why: You may spend the third month of the next decade on this mattress.
Even though it all seemstime-
It is worth the effort to consume.
What: There are four main types of mattresses and what you choose is pure preference: Inner Spring, memory foam, latex or adjustable air.
That is, for certain body types or sleep styles, certain types of people tend to work well.
Here are the tips from the Good Housekeeping Association for who might like something.
Innerspring: this is a classic mattress with metal coils inside and ticking near the surface.
Innersprings can be very affordable.
Metal coils usually have 12 to 18 specifications.
The higher the number, the thinner the spring, the more elastic it is.
As we all know, people with heavier weight prefer meters with lower quantity/larger thickness.
To reduce the movement of the bed mate, select an inner spring with a separate coil with a pocket.
They are covered with fabric to reduce movement from one side of the bed to the other.
Many of the inner spring mattresses have \"pillow tops\", but experts warn that if the layer is over 1 inch thick, it will soon drooping and produce a nasty body depression.
Best for: people who like to be affordable and flexible-
Feel the mattress.
Memory foam: these mattresses are made from sticky polyurethane foam on a poly foam core.
Memory foam mattresses are known for reducing physical stress.
They provide a very calm feeling.
The sleeper tends to sink slightly into the foam and be placed in one position.
This type of cradle and foam can cause some people to get hot while sleeping.
The Good Housekeeping Institute says memory foam layers usually range from two to 6 inch thick, and the deeper you sink, the more you sink.
Ask about thickness and density.
Density per cubic foot pound
According to the data of the Good Housekeeping Institute, 3 pounds of the quality is lower and 5 pounds of the quality is higher.
If you are concerned that this mattress is made from a chemical process, then look for a mattress where the material has been certifiedUS or Oeko-
Tex test, which means it won\'t turn off
Excessive chemical substances in gas
Best fit: side sleepers and others who want to relieve stress, especially the shoulders and hips.
LaTeX: LaTeX is a material naturally derived from rubber trees.
The latex mattress is unique as it is both soft and elastic and uplifting.
There are two ways to make: Dunlop, which is more dense and stronger, and Talalay, which is softer and more resilient.
Sometimes the two are layered.
You should know that some manufacturers mix or layered latex on a human basis
Made the foam but still labeled the mattress \"latex. ” All-
Natural latex mattresses are more expensive than other types.
Latex mattresses are common in Europe and are becoming more and more popular in the United States, especially online and onlineEnd the sleep shop.
Best for: people looking for natural materials and strong support.
Adjustable air: The air bed uses air as the support core and then is closer to your body using more traditional materials such as foam or ticking comfort layers.
The air pressure is adjustable, so you can choose a stronger or softer feeling at any time and keep the mattress hardness different from your sleeping partner.
Contrary to your advertising-based idea, there are several companies that produce and sell adjustable air beds.
Certain air beds perform very well in the consumer report mattress test, but please note that the consumer has mold, noise and mechanical failure problems on some brands and models.
Best for: Couples with very different mattress taste.
How: you should bargain when you buy a mattress.
Yes, it is similar to buying a car in many ways.
Actually, a lot of my cars
Apply the negotiation skills in the previous column.
Negotiating at a mattress chain store is routine, where you should be able to get a discount of between 20 and 50%.
But even in high
Terminal Stores and online stores, you can usually make a deal by asking for the most recent selling price or asking them to put in additional fees.
At the very least, you can pick up the old mattress with free delivery.
Finally, write a \"no change\" clause in your contract so that after all this work is done, you can easily know that you get the mattress you really wantally wanted.
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