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A brief description of the people who adapt to soft beds and hard beds!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-22
The bed that suits you is related to the quality of sleep and health, so choosing the right bed is very important! Generally speaking, sleeping on a hardwood bed can cause low back pain. But it was soon discovered that after sleeping on a soft bed, it still hurts in the waist! The pain is worse! Let me know how to choose a bed that suits you! Thin people and normal women should choose soft beds. Thin people will feel uneven and light when they sleep on hard beds. They will not sink the mattress and are more suitable for soft beds. Women have obvious waist bends, and the mattress can fully support their body, so they need a relatively soft and flexible mattress soft bed. Strong men should choose hard beds. Men's weight is mainly distributed on the upper body, and harder mattresses are more conducive to health. A stronger body can consider sleeping on a harder mattress, so that the body pressure can be evenly distributed on the entire mattress, which is more conducive to rest. A soft bed suitable for children. Children’s body is developing. Inappropriate mattress selection may affect their spinal support. The upper bed may make children’s body development deformities. Choose soft mattresses as much as possible. You can sink 1-2 after the child lies in bed. The standard of centimeters to choose. Again, the places we should consider for different soft beds and hard beds are very different. After all, the bed is only a tool that we can use, and the most important thing is the corresponding environment and people used!
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