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5 differences between a pocket sprung and memory foam mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-20
The mattress industry is booming and it seems like there\'s a new company coming up every month that promises to give you the best sleep.
The mattress industry is too noisy, how do you choose the mattress that best suits you?
Two mattresses stand out among consumers: pocket springs and memory foam.
At first glance these two mattresses offer the best comfort, support and quality on the market and it looks like you will be hard
There is an urgent need to find a better choice.
However, there are some key differences between pocket spring mattress and memory foam mattress, and understanding them is essential to help you choose the one that suits you.
Pocket sprungPocket sprung mattress has anything from 1,000 to 2,000 independent springs.
Unlike the open spiral mattress, the springs of the pocket springs move independently of each other.
The general rule of thumb is to buy pocket spring mattresses with 1,000 springs or more --
Any of the following things that are considered low quality.
These mattresses are usually filled with synthetic and organic materials --
Anything from lamb to artificial cotton.
But be careful: some of the materials are allergens, so make sure you get a material with a low allergy on the surface, or just throw it on some thick bedding.
Memory foam is made of people. made chemicals.
In its first creation, there was some rocket science because it was originally developed by NASA in its 70 s to buffer astronauts from launching into space --
Although this project has never really started.
Instead of sending it to outer space, the medical company realized the potential of memory foam for joint pain relief, and has been working on Earth care since then.
You can find memory foam in any hospital or nursing home as they have become a major product in a similar industry as they provide the additional support needed for rehabilitation patients and seniors.
These mattresses are mainly made of polyurethane and different chemicals, which are customized by the company to create different degrees of density and viscosity to meet specific purposes.
The dense composition of the memory foam brings it close-
Foreign bodies cannot penetrate them-
Even tiny things like dust.
Since they are made of safe chemicals, you can be sure that memory foam is hypoallergenic.
Pocket sprungIf you are the kind of sleeper who likes extra bounce, then pocket spring mattress is perfect for you.
This is the best for people who like the feeling of elasticity, not the feeling of sinking.
Pocket spring mattress can support any sleeping position as it allows for proper weight distribution and adequate muscle and joint relief.
Pocket spring mattress can be further customized for better comfort.
By looking at the product label, you can easily determine the hardness of the mattress.
Number next to the product (
For example, 1,000 people sleep
Indicates how many springs are inside.
The more springs, the stronger the mattress will be.
Memory foam if you are the kind of sleeper who likes hard surfaces, then memory foam is perfect for you.
This material transforms into the natural shape of the body, providing you with a more tailor-made sleep experience.
Because wide-
It offers a wide range of support and memory foam is perfect for people with chronic back pain.
It works best to relieve joint pain and muscle pain as it copies the natural pattern of the body.
Memory foam can help reduce back pain as this material is meant to enhance the natural curve of the spine no matter where you sleep.
There are two popular spring mattresses on the market: the open spiral mattress and the pocket spring mattress.
Unlike the open coil mattress, pocket springs use separate springs instead of coils to form cohesive units.
Pocket sprung is a more innovative version of the early opening
Spring mattress because it uses a separate spring to support the body of the sleeper.
The springs operate separately from each other, making the pocket spring mattress a better choice for motion separation than the open mattress
Spring counterpart
The coil is designed to keep the pressure inside the affected coil, preventing the rest of the mattress from sinking as you move from corner to corner.
Memory foam is designed to adapt to the weight of the user and remember their shape.
Since these are made from multiple sticky bullet cells, anyone using a memory foam mattress will find it perfectly embracing their body as it surrounds their natural contours,
Because the memory foam was developed to maintain the shape of a person, they created a mold that helps the movement to separate, making a clear outline around the user, to prevent the feeling of rolling towards the other side of the bed.
Pocket sprungOut for all mattress types, the spring mattress has a minimum service life, ranging from 8 to 10 years.
But in real life, these numbers seem to be larger than on paper.
After extensive use, a single coil begins to sag due to years of body pressure, and the surface of the pocket spring mattress becomes harder, thus preventing the material from providing the best support.
However, pocket spring mattresses are easier to maintain than other mattresses, and proper care can extend their durability for several years.
In order to slow down the deterioration, flip the face every month and let the mattress improve the shape to avoid faster wear and tear.
Memory foam seems to get better with age.
Memory foam mattresses are often used for up to 12 years.
The memory foam option shows better elasticity compared to other mattress types, as this material is able to maintain its quality during widespread use.
The memory foam becomes softer over time, and while this may be the ideal situation, the incredibly soft memory foam beats its purpose of shaping the natural contours of the body.
In order to extend the service life of the mattress, it is recommended to replace the head and foot every month to relax the mattress and adapt to the new shape.
Pocket sprungWhile pocket spring mattress may have multi-layer springs and fillers, they are also very breathable and can flow naturally between your body and your material.
When your sleep reaches the full cycle, your body temperature will exceed the normal level, which may affect the overall quality of sleep.
While a typical pocket spring mattress may not be able to create a cool atmosphere, the Standard Model can effectively adjust your body temperature by allowing proper ventilation between the body and the mattress, to ensure that your body temperature does not rise to the level it should be.
Memory bubble is another story.
Since they are made up of dense cells, ventilation has become a major concern for the owners of such mattresses.
Although it has been promoted in nursing homes and hospitals with its exquisite materials, most homeowners have found that this extension will heat up memory foamfriendly.
When a memory foam makes a mold around the natural outline of your body, the material captures heat rather than letting it cycle between the body and the material.
In the best case, the standard memory foam softens as the temperature rises, allowing for good ventilation.
However, the new technology enables the company to produce a cooling memory foam mattress with a cooling pool, which can not only adjust the temperature, but also improve the temperature.
It all boils down to your priorities as both mattresses have their own pros and cons.
At the end of the day, knowing which factor is most important to you will help you make the right decision.
While you can\'t expect to get all the performance from any one mattress, the more advanced mattress company has now achieved the impossible goal.
Thanks to companies like Simba Sleep, you can now reap the best features of a combination of pocket springs and memory foam.
So, if you can\'t decide what you like best, why not consider a hybrid mattress?
Each Simba Sleep purchase comes with 100-
Try to sleep at night, meaning that for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable with the mattress, the company will return your money to you.
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